Changing the way calculus is taught at the community college level

in America.

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Generally speaking, academic standards associated with the teaching of multivariable calculus III at the community college level in America are very low. And the administration of standards by academia is intellectually myopic !

When the course Multivariable Calculus III is taught, many community colleges in America fail to teach the fundamental theorems: Gradient, Greens, Stokes and Divergence. Yet this course commonly transfers to the university level setting our precious math & engineering students up for inevitable failure.

Answer: MONEY

Hint: When community college math departments make the 4 credit course multivariable calculus III really easy, more students sign up.

Question: Why would a community college NOT teach the fundamental theorems of multivariable calculus in the course named multivariable calculus

Calculus III (4 credits?)

Do you see the FUNDAMENTAL theorems of anything on this final exam?

Beginning December 2014, academic executives in Connecticut at Manchester community college, Middlesex community college, Board of Regents, Office of Higher Education, University of Connecticut and the Office of the Provost have been apprised of this "failure to teach" in extensive detail (dozens of times) and nothing is done.

The Ethics committee chairman at one of the community colleges refused to consider this "failure to teach" charge stating "this is not big enough for our ethics committee to address". The college President at that same college stated in writing "this course transfers cleanly".

The President of another community college reviewed a formal written complaint by a student who claimed that line and surface integrals (specifically Stokes and Divergence theorems) were not taught as promised in the course description. The president judged that complaint as "without merit".

The President of Connecticut State Colleges & Universities was asked by student written certified letters for an explanation of the "without merit" judgement above ... there is no response.

When the University of Connecticut is asked in writing "how do you justify the transfer of this course from community colleges to UCONN as valid?" ... there is no response.

Anarchy reigns when people in positions of authority refuse to investigate themselves.

These Academic Executives work for us, students/parents/taxpayers, and must be held accountable.

Actually Teaching Calculus III

What Is Promised / Taught !

Students being cheated out of an education that they want, deserve and PAID for? (41 second video)

Contact Connecticut Academia

Connecticut State Colleges & Universities

Mark E Ojakian President

Manchester Community College

Gena Glickman President

Christopher Hamelin  Math Chairman

Middlesex Community College

Anna Wasescha President

Lin Lin Math Chairman

University of Connecticut

Jeremy Teitelbaum Interim Provost

Ambar Sengupta Math Chairman

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